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08 April 2013 @ 06:27 pm
So confused!!  
1. What type of birth control (Condoms, pills, pulled out) did you use, if any? Yasmin (21 days) HBC and condoms

2. Were there any problems with your protection (condom breaking, missing pills)? On my first day of 7 day break of the package before the actual the condom broke, but two days after I got my period (lighter and shorter). Last Friday (day 15) got confused and thought I missed the pill the day before and took 2, later I realized I didn't and know I have the 21 pill missing (gonna end the package in 20 days instead of 21).

3. Are you trying to get pregnant, or avoiding it? AVOIDING!

4. How many days are between the first day of one period and the first day of your next? Last two have been on day 24.

5. Any big changes which could change your cycle (major change in diet, exercise, new medication, new stress?) Last months have my life has been VERY stressful, I have trouble sleeping.

6. What was the month/day your last period started? March 17, first I had regular bleeding but later it stoped and was just like a deep brown spotting. Next morning the full bleeding came back.

7. What date(s) did you have sex? March 15, 24,27,30.

8. Where was ejaculation(in vagina, in condom, pulled-out)? In condom

9. Is there anything else that makes you think you're pregnant?
Last days I've been so paranoid about the possibility of being pregnant, even though my bf and I are using condoms as backup or he's not finishing inside me. I've been dreaming of myself getting pregnancy tests, feeling my breasts fuller, feel bloated, having some ovarian pain, even some breakouts in my face (which I used to have before staring the pills on late January but were doing fine lately). I don't actually know if my stressful life is making me be so freak out and paranoid or is there real risk of being pregnant.
Last Friday night I mistakenly took two birth control pills (one at 12 am the other one an hour later) thinking I had forgotten the one of the day before (which I actually didn't). Later I realized I just got confused of the day and know I'm a day in advanced of my regular schedule, so instead of finishing the 21 pills next Thursday I'm gonna do it on Wednesday. So, what should I do now? Should I have an 8 day break or should I start a new package a day earlier than regular (Wednesday instead of Thursday)?

In adnvance, so many thanks for the help.
Lemonade Girlmslaynie on April 9th, 2013 12:15 am (UTC)
Do not go more than 7 days without an active pill. That is one definite way to lose your protection. You can start your next pack a day early and that will be your new start day- no problem.

I have a question- do you think there's actually a chance of you being pregnant? It sounds as if you realize that the odds are very much against you being pregnant, but it also sounds like you're worried your dreams may be a sign that you're pregnant?

The fact is, I'd be willing to bet money I don't have that you aren't pregnant. Do you find you have anxiety about other things in life as well?

You may want to talk to your doctor about your anxiety. There are a lot of things they can do today to help with anxiety, and you don't deserve this level of anxiety over being pregnant.

Also, if you're just really anxious about getting pregnant right now, it's totally ok to stop having sex for a while. Your peace of mind is precious, and you have the right to do whatever you need to do to maintain it. :D

Hope this helps.
alliesd on April 10th, 2013 10:56 pm (UTC)
Thanks so much for answering. Your words mean a lot to me and they had help me a lot in order to become reasonable.

As you can figure out from my post, lately I've been feeling really anxious and paranoid of getting pregnant. My boyfriend and I are always trying to use protection but even though I can't help becoming so anxious just about the possibility and I'm aware of any single possible symptom. That's the main reason I started taking the pill. Also my professional and familiar life has been really stressful for the last months. So it's not actually a good time for me and feeling that pressure is madly.

When I'm on my reasonable zone I do know is really hard to be pregs, but on my emotional side I'm just so anxious and scared. And those dreams didn't help. But as you advised me I'm trying to keep on the zone where I do believe I'm not.

I thank you so much for your help, today is my 20th day on Yasmin and tomorrow I'm starting the 7 days break and wait for my period to come soon. As you told me, I'm just gonna start a new package a day earlier. Regarding the anxiety I've experienced I'm gonna ask for help from my doctor in order to feel better.

I really appreciate your time and advice. Hope everything goes better from now on. :)
Lemonade Girlmslaynie on April 11th, 2013 03:51 am (UTC)

Thank you so much for the well wishes. I've just about decided to boycott 2013 because it's been nothing but trouble for me. I am seriously DONE with being sick!

You're welcome, and I'm really glad to hear you're working to manage things. It can sometimes feel like an overwhelming, impossible task, especially when you're in the middle of an anxiety attack.

Hopefully you'll be feeling great soon too!